Post-graffiti artist circa 1984.
Now working solely with his muse

'This work is never ending.. although the form of my Muse has edges,
the infinite ways that light caresses her beauty is my never ending inspiration.' 


  1. censor fetish
    censor fetish
    The Artist and Muse create freely but society is full of anxiety. The Artist feels sorry for society and so creates ready-censored images of the wondrous Muse so that you don't have to worry or become enraged.
  2. aquatic muse
    aquatic muse
    Muse HH floats among the waves in the heat of the June heatwave... The images are my study of adaptability of humans to a waterside environment and the beauty of that
  3. shadows
    Artist and Muse are always free to create so we forget about your imposing anxiety about her body and go to nature to see how wondrous she has evolved to become in the cool shade of summer woodland.